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SGM Magnetics, a world leader in magnetic and sensor technology specializing in ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation, offers turnkey solutions within the recycling industry for automotive shredders as well as glass, wood, municipal waste recycling, incinerators and iron ore recovery facilities. SGM Magnetics manufactures eddy current separators, drum magnets, magnetic pulleys, overbelt magnets, sandjets, sensor sorter separators including color and x-ray sorters.


SGM’s high expertise on steel handling products provides complete solutions for the steel industry providing lifting magnets and demagnetizing systems for every specific application. In addition, SGM offers products for steel handling compact loads (rails, beam blanks, coils, etc.) or distributed loads (pipes, tubes, bundles, etc.).


Since 1954 starting with standard circular electromagnets for lifting scrap and plates, SGM has continuously added new products to its lines and presented new magnetic lifting solutions as more sophisticated mill applications were developed (billets, multi-plates, rails, bundles of construction bars, structural, pipes etc.).


In 1974, as a result of SGM’s ongoing research of new technological solutions, ElectroPermanent Lifting Magnets were introduced and quickly gained the confidence and interest of their users.


In 1991, to meet new safety, performance and weight requirements of the oil industry for pipe lifting applications on offshore drilling platforms, SGM developed and introduced a new generation of Rare Earth Electro-Permanent Magnets. This new technology was again quickly transferred to various steel industry applications.


Since 1993, SGM has formed an integral part of the Gantry group, through which its products are distributed.

In 1995, SGM launched the Flux Measuring Device(FMD), which is a major innovation of measurement technology for determining the lifting force of magnets. At this time, SGM opens a subsidiary in the United States to increase it’s presence in Central and North America.


In 2008, SGM opened a new location in the west coast which included a warehouse and repair center. This provided a faster and more reliable source to provide a better customer service throughout the United States.


SGM opened a new subsidiary SGM Magnetics India Pvt Ltd in the East Coast- Visakhapatnam, India. SGM Magnetics India Pvt Ltd started the manufacturing and production of Electro-Lifting magnets, Lifting Beams, Control Panels & Battery Back-up systems for the Magnets.

They have supplied the following Electro-Lifting Magnet Systems:

  • Bundle Handling
  • Billets, Slabs & Blooms Handling
  • Wire Coils
  • Hot Plates (Up to 600 Degree Centigrade) Handling
  • Scrap Magnet


SGM, always in close contact with its worldwide customers, continues to bring new innovative solutions to satisfy new challenging conditions while maintaining the SGM image: Safety, Productivity, Reliability.