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World Leading Technology, Providing Solutions That Work

SGM Magnetics is dedicated to continually offering support for our customers with the best solutions, spare part availability, technical support and repairs. SGM carries a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, in most cases with overnight delivery for fast and reliable spare part service.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

SGM recommends regular preventive maintenance of equipment to ensure our customers the peak performance they have come to expect from our products. By offering our customers Preventive Maintenance Plans, this would allow customers the opportunity of having qualified and trained SGM service technicians perform preventive maintenance on their equipment at their site. The objective is to ensure that all of your SGM equipment is running at its full potential with routine inspections and proper maintenance. Early signs of fatigue or wear are addressed on time to provide maximum availability of the equipment.
SGM provides consultation to determine the best maintenance plan for your equipment based on customer’s needs. The plan provides a trained service technician to cover the following points on-site including:

  • Material flow and presentation to SGM machinery.
  • Inspection of belt conditions, i.e. wear, tension, tracking issues.
  • Inspection of rotors and vibration analysis of bearings.
  • Inspection of all bearings for wear, proper adjustment and lubrication.
  • Inspection of electrical control system to insure proper functionality.
  • Analysis of your cleaning procedures.
  • Thorough inspection of the machines to make sure all components are working properly.
  • Provide training to the operator(s).

SGM Customer Support & Service

SGM has trained staff dedicated to maintaining your equipment in optimum conditions. Our service technicians are available to respond quickly to our customer’s service and support needs and are focused on ensuring reliability, enhanced performance and efficiency while increasing your equipment’s operational lifetime.

For more information regarding SGM Preventive Maintenance Plans or spare parts, please contact us Tel. +91-891-2757244 / Cell. +91-849-8954422, email –